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Online TeleDentistry – Chatting Online with Dentists using Tele Dentistry

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The world of health care and technology are coming together.  Technology in the last 30 years, has rapidly evolved to touch people in many ways, from online shopping and e-commerce, to now more and more in health care.  We are @ DENTAL CHAT looking to help people all over with their dental issues.  TeleDentistry is an amazing field – and is evolving just like in medicine and health care.  DentalChat was created by a dentist looking at ways of helping people in the dental field – a work in progress for over a decade now.  It is exciting to see how technology in the health care space, has caught up to the vision.

In this article, we will discuss Online TeleDentistry …  that is, Chatting Online with Dentists using Tele Dentistry.  We at DentalChat have been a leader in the dental space and teledentistry for over a decade.  Teledentistry is the use of information technology by people to communicate with dentists.  It is a part of Telemedicine and the overall trend of using technology for people to communicate with health care professionals.  Interesting enough, by some reports – a form of teledentistry was introduced by the US dept of defense in the 1990’s.  TeleDentists are dentists that work in the teledentistry industry.  There are many Teledentistry Jobs for dental professionals – to be involved in. Dentist Chat online with people that are seeking dental help – that is dental patients seeking dental aid. Dentists Chat with people from all over and not just in their area.  Teledentist helping people and TeleDentists making dental care information more available.  In the future, some dentists may be called TELEDENTIST OR TELEDENTISTS OCCUPATION.

We are looking to network with online dental care professionals – who want to know more about this field. is connecting patients and dentists, and a whole lot more.  Dental Chat Online with people that are seeking more dental information for their dental pain, & other dental problems. DentalChat was created by a dentist, looking to help people with their dental care problems.  Dentist Chats Online using TeleDentist Tech.

We are always looking for the best dental contributors to add more content on here.  Local Dental Chat and Online Dentist Information discussion with us >>  We will be discussing a variety of dental topics on DentalChat.  We will focus more on dental implant topics in coming discussion and Dental Blogs.


Local Emergency Dental Chat Online – Partnering with DentalChat

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We @ Dentalchat are excited to be bringing exciting new features. Local Emergency Dental Chat Online with us at DentalChat. We are looking to connect patients to dentists with a need of immediate dental care. Many times those with dental emergencies have a hard time finding the right dentist.   We want to help people who come on this site to be able to connect to a local dental office / dentist.

 We are looking to bring new artificial intelligence and exciting new technology to this space.  Local Dental Marketing Online, Online Dental Chatting, Local Dentists Blog Online, Online Dentist Chat communication features, Local Dentists Chat Online Marketing, Online Dental Chat Business listings Online, Online Dentist Blogging, Local Emergency Dental Chat partner and Local Dental Chat Networking Online with us at

As we grow, we will be looking to partner with more dental companies.  We are looking to be adding local dentist office listings with us. Can email us at if you are a dental professional or dentist – that wants to sign up with us. We are looking to network with online dental social media companies – we are looking to expand & improve. We are always looking to help our users get the most dental information they can.

We at are looking to bring innovation to the dental space.  DENTALCHAT  is networking with local dental businesses & local dentists.  We are looking to network with other sites and businesses.

Online Dental Chat Discussion with us at

We are looking for DENTAL CHAT to be LOCAL DENTAL CHATTING ONLINE patients and local dentists online. We are networking with local digital tech companies. We are looking to network with dentists in the dental education space as well.

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